Helping With Algebra

Welcome to the site. It aims to help students and anyone else who wants help as they start High School Algebra. The curriculum covered is similar to an Algebra 1 course. The main focus is initially on expressions, equation, and inequalities with illustrated guidance and worked examples. Select from the menu above or from the section headings below to get started.


Lessons that provide a foundation on which to build an understanding of algebra including guidance on the order of operations, and on the commutative, associative, and distributive properties.


Help with how to manipulate expressions so they can be compared and evaluated including through the understanding of equivalence and the use of factorizing.

Solving Equations

Illustrated and worked examples showing how to solve linear equations and also how to evaluate solutions.

Word Problems

Further exploration of the language of algebra and how it translates into or from our spoken language.

Equations & Inequalities

Lessons on how expressions are used to form equations and inequalities. These include the compound inequalities and their properties.

Systems of Equations

An introduction to stems of linear equations and inequalities together with method of soling these including by graphing and by substitution.